Solving Staff Shortages: Frontline Upskilling On-the-Go
Tuesday, 27th February 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

Frontline workers are those keeping the UK running. They are working around the clock, making sure that we arrive at work, are taken well care of and feel safe.

Frontline workers, or deskless workers as they are sometimes called, make up approximately 80% of the UK workforce. However, insufficient training and support often make them feel disconnected from their employers and cause high employee turnover rates.

At the same time, frontline heavy industries like hospitality, facility management, elderly care and transportation are struggling to find enough talent to hire. This causes severe staff shortages, operational downtime and poor customer experiences.

Join this webinar to hear from our experts on:

  • Challenges faced by frontline workers, including inadequate training and support

  • How to optimise training for a diverse and busy frontline workforce on-the-go

  • How to reinvent your training strategy to solve your staffing needs

  • Strategies to engage with frontline workers to boost engagement and satisfaction

  • Solving Staff Shortages: 3 top tips from the panel

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Julia Palm
Julia Palm
HR manager
Scandic Hotels
Yashar Moradbakhti
Yashar Moradbakhti
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How to Amplify Your Employee Training Strategy by 12X
How to Amplify Your Employee Training Strategy by 12X