What can your reward tech do for you? The 5 outcomes your employee benefits technology should be driving in 2024
Tuesday, 14th November 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

In the growing and complex world of employee benefits, where employers want to do more, employee expectations are rocketing.

Your employees no longer just want better benefits technology, they expect it. Half of your employees say workplace technology is an important factor for them when choosing a new employer (Benefex, 2023 Evolution report). Yet, just 23% of global employees say the technology used for employee benefits is excellent.

To meet these growing expectations, global benefits technology is adapting in new and interesting ways – and at pace. In this webinar, Benefex’s Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer, will explore five ways employee benefits technology is evolving to help HR and benefits leaders deliver on growing employee expectations.

  1. Engagement of disparate workforces

  2. Customisable benefits experiences

  3. A better understanding of your people through data

  4. Informed and supported employee decision-making

  5. A single home for culture

Join us for the low down on the outcomes your benefits tech should be driving.

Gethin Nadin
Gethin Nadin
Chief Innovation Officer
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