How to improve employee experience & retention using the power of people analytics
Thursday, 9th November 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

Organisations are facing an uncertain future with volatile macroeconomic conditions, tight labour markets, layoffs and resignations causing concern and disruption to businesses globally. And it’s getting worse with our benchmark data revealing that employee intent-to-stay is declining by 2% every 6 months.

While HR is responsible for supporting the business to prevent turnover, their sources of people data can often be disconnected, which prevents them from answering critical retention questions.

Hear from Daniel Gualdino, Senior People Scientist, EMEA, who will discuss:

  • How organisations can get ahead of their turnover risk and enable themselves with deeper analytics

  • Insights and solutions to proactively manage and optimise employee retention

  • Ways to navigate the uncertain future of talent markets

Daniel Gualdino
Daniel Gualdino
Senior People Scientist
Culture Amp
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