Navigating the Talent Shortage: Strategies for the Road Ahead
Thursday, 26th October 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm BST

As the demand for skilled professionals continues to outpace the available workforce, companies are grappling with the need to find and secure top-tier candidates.

Using the transport industry as a case study, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways to help you thrive in a competitive job market.

Logistics demand is set to rise and UK road hauliers remain locked in a struggle to recruit qualified HGV drivers. How can the sector avoid a looming workforce crisis?

Join the webinar to discuss:

  • Immediate & Long-Term Implications: Understanding the effects of the skilled talent shortage on the road haulage industry, both in the short term and its connection to a looming demographic shift.

  • Attracting Young Talent: Discovering strategies for engaging and retaining a younger generation of workers, while addressing the disparities in employment values.

  • Balancing Experience & Training: Exploring the challenge of balancing the need for experienced workers with nurturing the next generation and creating a workforce that combines expertise and fresh perspectives.

Ashley Howells
Ashley Howells
National Sales Manager
Neil Crowder
Neil Crowder
Programme Manager
Philip Martin
Philip Martin
Head of HGV Workforce Strategy
Department for Transport
Sally Gilson
Sally Gilson
Policy Manager, Skills and Drivers
Road Haulage Association
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