Championing key skills development with funded learning: How to create an impactful L&D strategy
Thursday, 28th September 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm BST

When it comes to thinking about the workforce of the future, organisations have many key areas to consider – from leadership development to digital skills and beyond. With the power to shape both organisational culture, and key performance outcomes, the stakes have never been higher. But, with an ever-expanding remit to address talent attraction, upskilling, reskilling and retention, how can talent leaders ensure they’re supporting the elements that matter most against a backdrop of growing pace, scale, and cost?

In this session, in partnership with Babington, we’ll explore how BT is taking an innovative approach to learning, and using apprenticeships to support critical skills development across leadership, digital, and more.

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Key workplace challenges and the importance of skills and culture in organisational performance

  • Innovative approaches for optimising L&D budgets while maintaining effective training programmes – and where apprenticeships and funded learning fits in

  • Ways to maximise learner engagement and impact

  • How you can foster the right culture and approaches to make funded learning work for you

This will be a panel session and is suitable for anyone interested in L&D strategy, funded learning, critical skills development, leadership, and more.

Jamie Pemberton-Legg
Jamie Pemberton-Legg
Head of Apprenticeships
BT Group
Phil McMullan
Phil McMullan
Director of Learning Design
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