The challenges of taking your employee engagement program global
Thursday, 25th May 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm BST

With the changing landscape of remote and flexible working gaining popularity, many organisations now have offices or worksites in multiple places around the world.

Managing a global workforce comes with many challenges.

Join this webinar to hear from employee engagement specialists from Europe and North America, Stephen Humphreys & Paul Haynes, who will be discussing a few challenges and pain points that come with taking your employee engagement programme global. We'll cover:

  • How engaged are employees, and are values being reinforced?

  • Offering local rewards that employees want

  • Ways that you can reward in local currencies, without having to worry about currency conversions

  • Purchasing power parity. 10GBP is not the same as ZAR10

  • The importance of providing a platform in your employee's local language

Paul Haynes
Paul Haynes
EVP Americas
Stephen Humphreys
Stephen Humphreys
Employee Engagement Expert & Regional Head
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