Why your digital training is failing, and how to solve it
Thursday, 18th May 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm BST

In corporate training, disengagement is your adversary. For remote and international teams, it can be even worse. How do you deliver virtual training in an online setting that inspires your trainees, just like it would in-person? Immersive digital platforms are levelling-up the training experience for companies big and small. The potential is huge and growing larger.

Join Ben Hurrell (Director of Learning at Jugo) who has spent 11 years delivering Training and Development programmes for clients such as like IKEA, TJ Maxx and Sky. In 45 minutes, he will share his own tips and tricks for designing engaging learning programmes that deliver impactful results, how to maximise effectiveness of immersive digital learning platforms, encouraging training participation and creating a culture of ongoing development. We will also look ahead to what trends he thinks will shape the future of L&D tools that help meet the challenge of workplace generational shifts and technological evolution.

Benjamin (Ben) Hurrell
Benjamin (Ben) Hurrell
Director of Learning
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