Building employee engagement during high uncertainty
Thursday, 4th May 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm BST

During a crisis, the employee experience is often one of the first things to be overlooked, with businesses instead focusing on how to minimise disruption and maintain a sense of ‘business as usual’.

Over the last few weeks many companies have decided to make major changes to their organisations, and stepped away from engagement surveys fearing it’s the wrong time to be seeking feedback from employees. In truth, the employee experience is one of the most important considerations during a crisis or times of uncertainty.

In this webinar, our Culture Amp Lead People Scientist, Alex Alvarez will discuss why it’s more important than ever to gather employee feedback, and why running an engagement survey during uncertain times is crucial to long-term business success.

Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez
Lead People Scientist, EMEA
Culture Amp
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