What a strong hiring model looks like in 2023
Tuesday, 25th April 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm BST

A strong hiring model helps organisations to build a high-performance workforce that aligns with their business goals, culture, and values. It helps drive an effective process for identifying, attracting, assessing, and selecting top talent to fill priority positions.

In this session Oleeo’s product development expert will explore what key components make up a strong hiring model, based on the latest trends and insights for the year.

Join Hayley Skivington, Head of Product at Oleeo to discuss:

  • An overview of the current recruitment landscape

  • Why data should be at the heart of your strategy

  • How to improve the candidate and recruiter experience

  • Ideas on how to create a robust recruitment process

Hayley Skivington
Hayley Skivington
Head of Product
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