HR Trends, Issues and Insight into Wrongdoing – The Whistleblowing Benchmark Report 2023
Thursday, 30th March 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm BST

Many businesses and organisations are still going through huge disruption and change, and this is reflected in the HR whistleblowing statistics from the past year.

In this webinar we discuss the HR trends, issues and insights into wrongdoing that we are seeing from the Safecall Whistleblowing benchmark Report 2023, and what they might mean for you, your senior management team and your HR colleagues.

We’ll also help you understand the performance of your organisations’ feedback and whistleblowing channels relative to your peers and offer concrete actions you might want to take to pre-empt potential wrongdoing in the workplace.

Key take-aways for attendees:

  • Free webinar recording 

  • Free ‘HR Whistleblowing Benchmark Report 2023’

Greg Ogle
Greg Ogle
Operational Excellence Manager
Safecall Ltd
Jenna Warr
Jenna Warr
Head of Safeguarding and Quality
Joanna Lewis
Joanna Lewis
Managing Director
Safecall (part of the Law Debenture Group)
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