How to turn your pension scheme into an employee retention tool
Thursday, 16th March 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

In tough economic times, fast-growing businesses rely disproportionately on individual talent, so losing a key employee can mean they take a few steps back from hitting their company goals.

But can pensions really improve retention? We know they do. Employees leave their role for a number of reasons: some reasons you can’t control, but a lot you can.

In this webinar, we’ll clarify:

  • The link between your workplace pension scheme and retention

  • Key ways to embrace pensions as an employee benefit

  • How to introduce a pension scheme that your employees will love

Georgie Burks
Georgie Burks
Head of Brand
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About Penfold

Penfold is the digital workplace pension for 21st Century businesses who want to attract and retain top talent. Founded in 2018, Penfold was set up to transform the pension saving experience for the modern world of work. On a mission to eliminate pension anxiety, we’ve created a pension saving experience people actually enjoy. Accessible, easy, and above all, engaging, our pension is designed to get people to their saving goals and stay with them for life.

And for businesses, our tech-first approach not only bolsters employee financial wellbeing but also reduces times spent on pension admin. This frees HR and Finance professionals to focus on what really matters - growing their business and supporting their team.

Founders Pete Hykin, Stuart Robinson and Chris Eastwood setup Penfold in 2018. After working in various roles across financial services, the trio agreed that there was a clear gap in the market for a pensions company that served people better than the confusing, jargon-filled providers in the market. Penfold achieved FCA authorisation in May 2019, is used by over 350 UK businesses and has over 75,000 individual savers.