Why social media is a key part of background screening
Tuesday, 7th March 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

What employees say online reflects on who they truly are.

Firms are increasingly requesting social media checks to reveal publicly available content about prospective hires and existing employees to discover potentially undesirable behaviour or views.

However, this isn’t as simple as some may think. Employers must consider if they have a legitimate basis for searching for public negative social media content and weigh that up against the person’s right to privacy.

This webinar will dive into safeguarding company reputations, protecting staff, customers and the public via thorough social media checks, to minimise the risk of a bad hire.

Join us to understand:

  • How to determine if social media checks are needed in your screening processes

  • How social media checks can Impact your hiring process and workplace

  • How to legally uncover employee unsuitability or incompatibility with company values

  • How Credence operates screening, and the service we provide

Doug Beavis  
Doug Beavis  
Sales and Commercial Director  
Certn EMEA/Credence 
Michael Whittington 
Michael Whittington 
Managing Director 
Certn EMEA/Credence 
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