Ditching the 2:1: Maintain inclusivity & candidate calibre in a broadening talent pool
Arctic Shores

The 2:1 grade requirement has hit the news recently as businesses look to revamp their Early Careers’ hiring strategy; viewed as unfit for purpose, some companies are doing away with grade requirements whatsoever.

Most of us understand why this is a trend, but how many of us know exactly what we should be doing instead and how much work this involves?

Companies making the leap are utilising entry-level talent’s most powerful resource: potential. Hiring for potential can identify talent destined for long-term success and a better culture fit for your organisation.

This webinar will outline the practical and incremental steps you can take to implement potential-based hiring in your recruitment process, and the mindset shifts to build with stakeholders in your organisation to achieve this.

There will be an opportunity to:

  • Hear from experts why companies should be ditching the 2:1 requirement and the impact this could have on your business

  • Learn best practices for identifying potential in Early Careers talent and the tools to get you there

  • Dig deeper into why potential is a critical tool for recession-proofing and tackling the skills shortage

Arctic Shores’ Federica Rusmini, Head of Customer Success, will also be joining the conversation to give insight into how the right toolkit for potential-based hiring creates authentic engagement from candidates, leads to diverse talent pools and ensures your process is reliable, scalable and has quantifiable data.

  • Alie Carvey
    Alie Carvey
    Senior Customer Success Manager
    Arctic Shores
  • Federica Rusmini
    Federica Rusmini
    Head of Customer Success
    Arctic Shores
  • Mayssam Bouraad
    Mayssam Bouraad
    Business Psychologist
    Arctic Shores
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About Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores is the market leader in Potential-Based Hiring. Their task-based assessment, powered by science, allows everyone to show their potential and every employer the means to see it.

Proven to counter natural bias during the recruitment process and build the diverse, successful workforce of tomorrow, Arctic Shores' next-generation assessment widens talent pools and unearths high-quality candidates in any economic climate.

They’ve given over two million candidates worldwide something different: a stress-free, unbiased candidate experience that truly rewards them for their time. Join the leaders in the Arctic Shores' community of pioneering customers, including Vitality, PWC, Burness Paull, TalkTalk and Siemens.

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