Retention, recruitment and reskilling in The New Human Age
Wednesday, 22nd February 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

The majority of workers (81%) say the pandemic has affected how they think about work (ManpowerGroup The New Human Age, 2023). Workers are increasingly motivated by developing skills and experiences rather than seeking hierarchy and job titles. This often involves making lateral moves to find fulfilment and grow into more agile employees.

Meanwhile, birth rates continue to decline while populations age, creating acute talent shortages and reduced labour force participation in many countries.

Whilst businesses struggle to recruit the skills they need, retention of talent has never been more important – without a robust retention strategy, businesses will fail to maximise their recruitment efforts and risk accelerating the leaky bucket effect, losing talent as quickly as they’re hiring.

Join Talent Solutions Right Management for an interactive panel discussion where we’ll learn how businesses are tackling the retention challenge, focusing on four key workforce trends:

  • Shifting demographics: how generational differences are necessitating a change in retention strategy

  • Individual choice: what businesses are doing to meet employee demands, grow workplace culture and build trust

  • Tech adoption: marrying technology innovation with human ingenuity

  • Competitive drivers: access to highly skilled talent is a distinct competitive advantage

Bob Davies
Bob Davies
Client Services Director
Talent Solutions RPO
Mary Pender
Mary Pender
Global Head of Talent
Sarah Hernon
Sarah Hernon
Principal Consultant
Right Management
Sean Penistone
Sean Penistone
Director, Talent and Succession Management
Kerry Foods
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