The changing face of HR: How HR’s changing and how to get ahead
Thursday, 15th December 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm GMT

Excitement and worry. HR leaders said they feel both about the future, Sage’s new ‘Changing face of HR’ research report reveals.

91% of HR leaders are excited about the future of HR, and 57% say they love working in HR. However, the last few years have come at huge personal cost to HR leaders. 81% admit to being burnt out, and over half (62%) are considering leaving the profession.

Sage’s new ‘Changing face of HR’ research report unveils the secret thoughts HR and the c-suite have about the sector, and what’s keeping HR leaders up at night. Jam-packed with stats, surprising findings and advice for HR leaders looking to get ahead, it reveals a snapshot of the changing role of HR today.

Join Sage and HR Grapevine for an exclusive webinar on the findings of the report, including:

  • A temperature check on HR right now

  • What the future of HR holds

  • How HR can overcome today’s challenges

  • What the c-suite think should be a top priority for HR

Angela McKenna
Angela McKenna
EVP & Head of Employee Success for EMEA
Erna de Ruijter
Erna de Ruijter
EVP People
Jessica Leyshon
Jessica Leyshon
Research report author and Head of HR Thought Leadership and Research
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The changing face of HR in 2024
The changing face of HR in 2024