The Trends Every HR & Learning Leader Must Consider in 2023

The 2023 Workplace Learning Trends Report reveals how companies that prioritise learning get ahead in today’s world and prepare for rapid future change. See which business, technical, and personal skills today’s employees are engaging with most and how these skills are helping them drive business impact. We uncover the key trends and insights every leader needs to help employees be more resilient and better prepared for whatever comes next.

During this panel session, we'll be joined by 3 Learning Experts to discuss:

  • Why communication and collaboration skills are essential for all employees

  • How employees and companies are future-proofing with tech skills

  • Which personal skills help elevate workplace capabilities

  • John Nardone
    John Nardone
    Director of Talent Development
  • Jordan Newbrook
    Jordan Newbrook
    Employee Enablement Manager
  • Kieran Cornwall
    Kieran Cornwall
    Technical Director
    Sparta Global
  • Niamh Madden
    Niamh Madden
    Product Marketing Manager
    Udemy Business
  • Nick Goldstein
    Nick Goldstein
    Senior Enterprise Account Executive
    Udemy Business
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