Practical tips to build for the Future of Work
Tuesday, 22nd November 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

Whether yours is an enterprise-grade organisation or a small business, the pandemic and pivots in digital-first remote work, along with employee expectation, have shown that we all need to collaborate more intentionality than ever before. Nowadays employees, just like customers, keep raising their expectations when it comes to workforce preferences.

Companies and leaders took on a quest to find new approaches of working together while apart, and being purposeful about bringing people together in person.

Join this Capgemini and Zendesk fireside conversation to:

  • Get guidance and practical tips on designing and caring for the workplace and workforce now and for the future

  • Learn how to utilise emerging technologies to enhance new ways of working

  • Find new ways to address the need for more connection and collaboration

Antoine Starek
Antoine Starek
VP of Intelligent People Operations Practice
Niamh McGarty
Niamh McGarty
Director of Remote Work
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