Building bridges: aligning business leaders, employees and business goals around mental health
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Workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives continue to develop and mature with the swiftly evolving world of work. And even as organisations strive to offer their workforce much-needed support, it’s become increasingly apparent that there’s a significant gap between the perceptions and expectations of employees and leadership around mental health at work.

This misalignment makes creating positive, lasting change even more challenging, even as people across all ranks continue to struggle with mental health. Delve into the data around what’s happening and best practices to improve mental wellness (and drive business success) at your organisation. Join tedX speaker Rob Stephenson (Founder FormScore), occupational psychologist Nicola Hemmings (Head of Workplace Psychology Koa Health), Kirstin Furber (People Director Channel 4) and Charlie Penwarden (Mental Health Consultant Behaveo) to learn:

  • How the C-suite and employees are alike in their mental health struggles

  • What may be causing a knowledge gap around mental health in your workplace

  • The link between mental health and business success

  • Ways to support mental wellness across a continuum

  • Practical tips to help you bring your team together to build organisational resilience

  • Charlie Penwarden
    Charlie Penwarden
    Mental Health Consultant
  • Kirstin Furber
    Kirstin Furber
    People Director
    Channel 4
  • Nicola Hemmings
    Nicola Hemmings
    Head of Workplace Psychology
    Koa Health
  • Rob Stephenson
    Rob Stephenson
    TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Campaigner & CEO
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