Potential-based hiring: your solution out of the skills crisis
Thursday, 20th October 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm BST

With the economic downturn already showing its effect on growth margins for organisations, people are considered to be the most valuable contributors of success to the growth of every business.

TAs are looking to reduce hiring cost, while attracting top talents - to combat the skills crisis.

However, in a market with fierce competition, and a skills shortage that is not going anywhere anytime soon, how do you identify the right people for your organisation, while achieving hiring success?

In this webinar, our panel experts will discuss:

  • What does potential-based hiring mean?

  • Why is potential-based hiring the solution to achieving hiring success?

  • The three key elements of getting potential-based hiring right: people, process and technology.

  • And finally, how to implement it within your organisation.

Robert Newry
Robert Newry
Arctic Shores
Tony De Graaf
Tony De Graaf
Global Director of Hiring Success
Kerry Sneddon
Kerry Sneddon
Early Careers Recruitment Manager
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About Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores is the market leader in Potential-Based Hiring. Their task-based assessment, powered by science, allows everyone to show their potential and every employer the means to see it.

Proven to counter natural bias during the recruitment process and build the diverse, successful workforce of tomorrow, Arctic Shores' next-generation assessment widens talent pools and unearths high-quality candidates in any economic climate.

They’ve given over two million candidates worldwide something different: a stress-free, unbiased candidate experience that truly rewards them for their time. Join the leaders in the Arctic Shores' community of pioneering customers, including Vitality, PWC, Burness Paull, TalkTalk and Siemens.

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