Putting employees first: The answer to attracting and retaining talent
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The Great Resignation and the ongoing talent war means that businesses are entering into an increasingly competitive job market. Over the next 12 months, the overall potential cost to the UK and Irish economies of losing employees is £17 billion.

A recent Talent, Attraction and Retention Survey from Wilson Towers Watson found that a staggering 73% of organisations are reporting difficulty attracting talent and 61% of organisations are struggling to retain talent.

Join this interactive webinar, in partnership with The Hug Agency, to learn unique and effective ways you can attract and retain staff by offering employee rewards and incentives without increasing hiring costs.

We’ll explore:

  • How to overcome high turnover and skills shortages by rethinking remuneration and incentive schemes

  • How incentive schemes can complement normal wages to offer more benefits, whilst reducing staff costs and operational risk

  • The impact reward has on the Employee Experience (EX) and in turn, the Customer Experience (CX)

  • Ian Seddon
    Ian Seddon
    The Hug Agency
  • Rory Underwood
    Rory Underwood
    Wingman Ltd
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The Hug Agency helps employers attract and retain staff by offering incentive schemes to workers, without increasing hiring costs. Whether you use internal hiring teams, external recruiters or simply post jobs on social media, we can help you attract the best candidates.

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