HR Recovery: The challenges of the new way of working
Tuesday, 19th April 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm BST

ADP uncovers the ‘hybrid’ road to HR Recovery for 2022.

The pandemic had a significant impact on every organisation and created numerous challenges and a new way of working. The reality is that people’s expectations of HR changed radically when the crisis began. Having been thrust to the helm of several transformative workplace trends in the last couple of years, HR teams now find themselves in new territory in 2022 — and there’s no going back to the ‘old normal’.

This insightful webinar considers the bumpy road HR is now faced with in how to bring employees back into the workplace. Many employees now are reassessing the balance of working lives and have a stronger desire for employer flexibility than ever before. This newfound flexibility has already liberated three quarters of workers to change where or how they live. This is a significant number that could have long-term implications for both the jobs people do and how (and where) HR teams tap into talent pools. 55% of employees say that whether or not they can work flexibly will impact whether they will stay.”1

  • What are challenges of the new way of working?

  • What is the impact on retaining employees?

  • How can employers use HR in the new normal?

Annabel Jones, Senior HR Director, ADP shares insights around these challenges and more in this webinar when considering what role HR now plays in this new hybrid normal.

Annabel Jones
Annabel Jones
Senior HR Director
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