A Holistic Approach to Workplace Health and Wellbeing
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Session Details

Are you managing to maximise your workplace wellness initiatives? Are you able to measure the impact that your wellbeing programme is having on your employees and culture?

In this webinar, Welbot founder and CEO, Mykay Kamara, will discuss innovation in the corporate wellbeing sector and share a wealth of insights and knowledge to help you create a more impactful employee health and wellbeing strategy.

You’ll discover the fundamentals of effective planning, the importance of culture and practically, how to encourage uptake and ensure success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Objectively audit and evaluate your health and wellbeing strategy

  • Increase employee and senior management engagement

  • Use integrated technology to drive behaviour change

  • Maximise the benefits of your existing EAP systems

  • Measure and report on the effectiveness of your initiatives

At a time when many businesses are faced with employee burnout and the ongoing strains of staff retention, this webinar will help you focus on getting the most out of your internal health and wellbeing programme for all your employees.

  • Mykay Kamara
    Mykay Kamara
    Founder & CEO
About Welbot

Welbot is an innovative, award-winning, evidence-based corporate workplace wellness platform designed to improve employee health and wellbeing whilst in the office or when working remotely from home.

Our enterprise software features physical and mental wellbeing exercises, nutrition reminders, daily mood and engagement stats, custom Notifications and real-time insights and reporting.