Back to earth with a bump! An eye-opening look at performance management
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Clear Review’s Director of Talent Transformation & Insight at Clear Review, Nick Gallimore, will be joined by Advanced, Ishida, and Ted Baker, to talk through the findings of Clear Review’s 2022 Performance Management Report.

The report has been created off the back of a survey conducted with over 1000 professionals, a mix of HR Directors, managers and general employees, spanning across a variety of sectors. It looks at performance management trends over the last year, compares these to previous years, and makes some predictions for what might be coming in the next 12 months.

In this webinar Nick and his guests will take a look over the key themes and stats within the report and voice their thoughts on opinions on them, and what impact they think this could have on organisations in the future.

Subjects will include:

  • Why has performance management moved to the back burner?

  • Are we doing all we can to address burn out?

  • Employees aren’t as productive as we think

  • Are managers dropping the ball on performance management?

  • Are HR directors wearing rose tinted glasses?

  • Predictions for the upcoming year

  • Nick Gallimore
    Nick Gallimore
    Innovation Director
  • Claire Ross
    Claire Ross
    Head of Culture & Engagement
  • David Donaldson
    David Donaldson
    Performance and Development Manager
  • Gary Beggs
    Gary Beggs
    Development Partner
    Ted Baker
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Performance Management Report 2022
Performance Management Report 2022