Securing stakeholder support for your HR strategy
Thursday, 27th January 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm GMT

HR is a mirror to what is going on in the business and reflects the wider world. The massive shifts in working practices and employee needs over the last two years require HR to review and redefine its strategy.

So how can you build a high performing function that is ready and prepared for the changing face of work?

Join this session as we discuss:

  • What does a future-ready HR strategy look like and need to deliver?

  • How to communicate HR’s desire to develop and to deliver change for the people within the business?

  • How to secure internal sponsorship, engagement and alignment to transform HR?

About HR - Here and Now

HR - Here and Now has been created to give practical tips and insights on the key issues facing HR today. You’ll hear from HR peers about how they solved their challenges as well getting tips that you can use straight away.

Allie Boddington
Allie Boddington
Executive Director of HR Transformation
Dr Steve Foster
Dr Steve Foster
HR Technology Transformation Specialist
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams
Transformation Program Director & Advisor
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