Leadership 2.0 - How to supercharge your leaders in 2022
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People aspire to be leaders, but it is a difficult place to be. Today, leaders are not only expected to run the organisation, but also drive inevitable change. However, research has revealed that only 14% of CEOs believe that they have the leadership talent needed to grow their businesses (BuiltIn, 2021).

This, coupled with a whopping 79% of employees stating that they will leave their jobs due to a lack of appreciation from leaders (Forbes, 2018), indicates that there is a lack of development and support network for leaders to be successful and by extension, their organisation to be successful too.

In this webinar, we offer practical insights into the pain points of leadership within organisations and how C suite executives, HR, and Learning and Development professionals can supercharge their leadership’s development!

Join Alex Clinton, Global Training Specialist at Thomas International, as she explores the great leadership and development work within Wiltshire Council, spearheaded by Organisational Development gurus Judith Vanderpump and Amanda Collyer.

Key takeaways include:

  • What does great leadership look like?

  • Barriers to successful leadership and how you can overcome them

  • The impact of understanding people’s differences and the importance of psychological safety

  • The impact of leadership development programmes and how to measure them

  • Key actions you can implement within your organisation today

  • Alex Clinton
    Alex Clinton
    Global Training Specialist
    Thomas International
  • Judy Vanderpump
    Judy Vanderpump
    Organisational Development Consultant
    Wiltshire Council
  • Amanda Collyer
    Amanda Collyer
    Organisational Development Consultant
    Wiltshire Council
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