The Great Resignation: How to attract and retain deskless workers
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Session Details

The recent Quinyx survey, the State of the Deskless Workforce, has consistently shown a high level of dissatisfaction from the deskless workforce, year on year.

Now more than ever, with high levels of staff turnover and ever more frontline workers looking for a career shift, HR must act to attract and retain talent. And throwing in a welcome bonus or dishing out pay rises aren’t the solution.

To help understand how to manage and engage this cohort of talent, this webinar explores the impact of the pandemic on UK deskless workers, highlighting motivation and productivity, and the importance of making employee satisfaction a priority.

During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The employee engagement and productivity challenges faced by organisations

  • How organisations can decrease turnover by fostering a positive work environment

  • What tools are available to help organisations handle staff scheduling and encourage engagement

  • Toma Pagojute
    Toma Pagojute
    Chief HR Officer
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