Building an inclusive culture for hybrid workforces
Workplace from Meta
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Session Details

Now more than ever, employees want to connect and share ideas in a simple, secure way, continuing to drive value for their organisations in the world of remote work. Forward-thinking leaders are rising to the challenge and enabling them to do so with a growing suite of tools and techniques.

However, creating a connected company will rely not just on adopting new technology but on learning to maximise those currently in use. Often, employees already have the means to engage one another in productive conversations, with many opportunities to propel them further, to make every voice heard.

During this discussion, we will be exploring:

  • What challenges organisations face in adapting to hybrid workforces

  • The tools and techniques are proving effective at fostering inclusion

  • How companies can achieve better business results by developing the speed and quality of their information

  • Abby Guthkelch
    Abby Guthkelch
    Head of Global Executive Solutions
    Workplace from Meta
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