Business resilience - securing HR's place at the board table
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None of us can predict the future, but what we do know is that resilience separates the agile from fragile organisations.

2020 was the ultimate business curveball, however, out of the chaos, HR finally found themselves in the role of change makers, leading the charge into the unknown. To capitalise on its new position, HR needs to be at the helm of organisational change and foster resilience, this will not only help HR to secure their position at the board table but help their companies to grow and thrive.

But what do we mean by resilience? In this webinar, MHR will be discussing the three key components of resilience and how these combined can help organisations be more agile, flexible and competitive:

  • People – employees who are empowered to quickly adapt and take ownership in an uncertain and complex environment can make a more positive contribution to business outcomes

  • Data – using data to identify future trends and complete horizon-scanning will enable HR to see the bigger picture, increasing its contribution to business performance and financial success

  • Processes – processes that enable greater collaboration, better insight and more informed decision-making deliver organisational value on multiple fronts

They will also be discussing how culture plays a huge part in resilience and how HR is a facilitator in developing culture and purpose, to support change initiatives and keeping employees engaged and motivated with the right skills, right data and support to work at their best all of the time.

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Workforce Resilience in action
Workforce Resilience in action