Reflections on the Great Resignation: Where do we go next?
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Session Details

In the webinar, Nick Gallimore, Director of Talent Transformation & Insight at Clear Review will be joined by Francis Lake, Head of Organisational Development at Virgin Money and Amanda Grant, Chief Product Officer at Advanced, as they delve into how the last year and a half has really effected organisations, the challenges they have faced, and what they have learnt from all of this.

This session will be an open and honest conversation around:

  • How Covid-19 has impacted different types of organisations

  • How we move forward to find long term solutions to ongoing problems

  • The effect the Great Resignation is having on organisations

  • How to keep staff engaged in an unstable working world

  • Nick Gallimore
    Nick Gallimore
    Director of Talent Transformation & Insight
    Clear Review
  • Francis Lake
    Francis Lake
    Head of Organisational Development
    Virgin Money
  • Amanda Grant
    Amanda Grant
    Chief Product Officer
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