Webinar | Is employee engagement the key to post-pandemic success?
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Session Details

The pandemic drastically reshaped the world of work with a significant percentage of the UK workforce transitioning to working from home. However, deskless or shift-based workers either continued to work on the front line, in sectors like health and social care, or were redeployed from other sectors like hospitality and retail.

In this webinar, Humanforce has partnered with UK industry leaders to explore strategies to engage or re-engage deskless workers and reopen stronger in this new world of work.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Key ways to successfully engage your deskless workforce

  • Strategies for attracting and optimising deskless talent

  • What factors improve retention of deskless workers

  • Leveraging technology to improving engagement

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller
    Managing Director UK & Europe
  • Alison Gray FIH
    Alison Gray FIH
    VP Human Resources
    Delaware North UK
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Building a Resilient Workforce in the UK’s New Normal
Building a Resilient Workforce in the UK’s New Normal