Webinar | The battle for top young talent 2021 - How to attract, engage & hire Gen Z professionals
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Session Details

Move over Millennials!

Gen Z is entering the job market in full force. That means 68 million new candidates are looking for jobs, and the best and brightest will go to the companies that make the most impact.

So what can your company do to stand out to Gen Z candidates?

Join us for a chat with Nicole Tucker (Global Talent Acquisition Director at iCIMS), and Rhea Moss (Director of Customer Intelligence and Data insights at iCIMS), on how organisations can attract Gen Z candidates.

This discussion will cover topics including:

  • The state of the current market

  • The key things Gen Z professionals consider when looking for jobs

  • The importance of authentic, digital content

  • How companies can increase Gen Z job hiring and retention

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  • Rhea Moss
    Rhea Moss
    Director of Data Insights and Customer Intelligence
  • Nicole Tucker
    Nicole Tucker
    Talent Acquisition Manager