Riding out the Turnover Tsunami: How can modern performance management support retention?
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Over the last 18 months many people who may have wanted to move jobs have put plans on hold out of fear of an unstable job market. But as we move further out of the pandemic many people are feeling confident enough to start actively seeking new employment. As a result, many organisations are now preparing to get hit by the ‘turnover tsunami’, and are more than likely asking themselves what they can do to calm the waters as much as possible.

No organisation wants to lose their top talent. Experienced and highly skilled staff are vital to the success of a company, so retaining staff should be a top priority right now.

So what can be done? In this webinar Clear Review’s Director of Talent Transformation & Insight, Nick Gallimore, will explain how a modern day continuous performance management solution can help organisations keep as many staff as possible.

This session will cover subjects such as:

  • How frequent conversations between managers and employees can help to spot unhappy employees early

  • How setting high quality, short term goals (rather than annual objectives) keeps people more productive and engaged with their job

  • How having a solution that focusses on employee development boosts moral and motivation in an organisation

  • How HR tools that allow staff to regularly record things like stress and motivation levels, give an insight into how many people might be thinking of leaving

  • Nick Gallimore
    Nick Gallimore
    Director of Talent Transformation & Insight
    Clear Review
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Clear Review software allows you to deliver great performance management and improve productivity in person and remotely. We focus on three key aspects of performance: objectives, feedback and coaching conversations. Getting performance management right has never been more important than now!

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