HR Tech | How to choose a HR system in 2021: What HR, IT, Finance and business leaders need to know
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Session Details

The last year has shown everyone the importance of having the right technology. In fact, 75% of HR leaders say they’re already using some form of HR tech, and 67% say they’re planning to invest even more.

For organisations though, knowing how to make that decision when it comes to choosing HR technology can be a minefield – not just for HR leaders but for the other key buyers within the business.

Its important that HR translates what it needs within the organisation into the right technology choice. It also must balance that choice with what other core functions need – IT and finance – whilst taking on board the needs and wants of the workforce and business leaders.

To help you understand how to make this choice, join us for a live webinar with HR Grapevine on Thursday 20th May where we’ll look at what HR leaders need from an HR system, and how you can make sure you’re selecting software that fits the needs of IT, Finance and the CEO too.

We’ll explore:

  • The signs of when it’s time to choose new tech or HR systems

  • The key HR requirements in choosing the right software

  • What other HR tech buyers – IT, Finance, and business leaders – look for when choosing a cloud HR system

  • What results you need your systems and tech to drive (i.e. making HR a stronger function, better people outcomes, better business outcomes)

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