Resilience | Employee resilience in a new work world
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Session Details

Hybrid work is a hot topic as firms look to harness new technologies and listen to what their employees want from the future of work.

However, to be prepared for the hybrid models, the HR team needs to take some key steps and ask some essential questions. What part of the organisational strategy does hybrid support? How do we build the accessible tech stack to enable our workforce? Are there pitfalls to be avoided and opportunities that can be seized?

This session will discuss the road map to successful hybrid working. This will include:

  • Setting the strategic goals and aligning those with the practicalities of everyday

  • Clearly defining the requirements and finding the right technology to support the workforce at all levels

  • Analysing the resilience of your workforce and exploring how to strategically integrate hybrid working to address areas of weakness

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Jeanette Wheeler
    Jeanette Wheeler
    HR Director
    MHR International Ltd
  • Katherine Templar-Lewis
    Katherine Templar-Lewis
    Futurist and Creative scientist
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